2 Quick Buying Tips for Cheaper Home Solar Panels and a Cheaper Home Wind Turbine

June 12th, 2010

It’s important to understand the role that technological change plays in the pricing of your home solar panels and home wind turbines. This is the third most important ingredient in budgeting for your homemade electricity solutio. Understanding your homemade electricity needs and how efficent both home solar panels and home wind turbines can be in your living environment are the other two key factors.

The Technolgy Pricing Curve

The technology price curve, when shown on a chart, looks a litle like a ski slope. On this chart the vertical axis represents price, the horizontal units sold. When the technolgy is first released it ver expensive and not many buy. However overtime more buy and as they do the price plummets until you have very large numbers being sold at a low price. This is how the technolgy pricing curve generally works.

Calculating your best time to buy.

In short the best time to buy the components to make your home solar panel and home wind turbine solution is when a component has just become yesterdays news. Many people buy the latest thing they can and this is great, but not financially efficent. Buying whatever is the standard, middle of the road component can be a good idea, however the products to watch are those that used to be the standard but have just become “old” in the last few weeks. These components should see a rapid price fall that eventually stabalizes. If you buy as soon as the price stabalises you will get the best value for money in terms of technology for your home solar panel and home wind turbine solution.


Buying just behind the technology curve is not for everyone. Some people want to show others that they have made a serious investment in becoming energy independant and cheaper older technolgy doesn’t fulfill this goal. If on the otherhand your goal is to build from costs effective and well tested components this brief guide will ensure you dlollar goes further.


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