A Quick Review About Power 4 Home – Diy Solar Panel Guide

July 24th, 2010

Power 4 Home is a DIY solar panel guides that written by an experience electrician, John Russel. Just as the book title implied, you are going to generate your own power or electricity to power your house.

If you are wondering that what is the purpose of doing that, the reasoning is simple, reduce your utility bills and save money. Just imagine this, if you can generate enough electricity to run your house appliances instead of using the power company, then you will pay less to the power company in every month.

This is where you start to save money. Perhaps the money you going to save is not big for one month but if you accumulated it for 1 year or 10 years, you would be surprised with the amount of the money that you have just saved.

Not only that, if you are living in a state where the power company have the policy to buy back the excess energy, you can earn some nice profit by selling those excess energy that you generated at your home back to them. Not a bad trade, isn’t it?

The way to generate your own electricity is pretty much straightforward. All you need is to install a solar panel at your home and it would generate the power for your home by simply harnessing the power of sunlight. There is need very little maintenance for panel.

Despite of all the advantages and benefit that solar panel can offer to anyone, a pre-built panel is very expensive and costly. Even the cheapest would cost you more than thousands of dollars. So this is what made Power 4 Home actually worth for everyone attention.

Power 4 Home will layout a complete diagram or blueprint on how to assemble a homemade solar panel by your own. It will show you how to get those materials and required parts that you need with a very affordable prices. In fact, you only need to spend around $300 or less to build your own version of panel and it will work as good as a pre-built panel.

To make sure that you able to properly build your system and will deliver the maximum output, Power 4 Home will walk you through every part of the process with complete step-by-step video tutorials and photo illustrations. Irrespective of what you may have heard, you don’t have to be genius to build your own solar system panel. All you need is your personal dedication and willing to put effort, and of course, a good instruction that deliver.


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