Anyone Can build Residential Solar Panels

June 16th, 2010

As electricity prices climb and technology improves, a lot more people are looking towards solar power for their homes. You will find two principal motivations to change your house to solar power. The first is altruistic and the other is purely selfish. Both are rational. The altruistic reason would be to preserve our Earth for our children and grandchildren. Everyone knows the theory behind climatic change and how the burning of gas, oil and coal contributes to it. Solar power uses no fossil fuels, produces no carbon dioxide and will help lessen global warming over the years. The selfish component of the discussion is that though oil, gas and coal are growing a lot more expensive with each coming year, solar electrical power is totally free. Look at your electric bill for the month or the quarter or the year and imagine everyday living without that bill. So, preserve the Earth and save money. Let’s review five reasons switching to solar is just common sense now.

1) Solar electricity is totally free and plentiful – there’s more than enough solar power hitting the Earth every single day to supply energy to each and every house on the Earth. As fossil fuels become far more costly, it’s estimated that the demand for alternative forms of energy will increase by 53% over the next few years.

2) Solar panel electricity is renewable, sustainable and clean. The sun is not going to run out of power any time soon. If the sun does stop sending energy to us for some reason, we’ll have no more use for electrical power. Meanwhile we are purchasing oil from places wherever people hate us or else we’re dumping into our oceans trying to extract it or transport it. And fossil fuel electrical power plants pump sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide and even mercury into our air. Solar electric power supplies electricity with none of these bad side effects.

3) Photovoltaic solar panels on your home are simple to make and to install on most residential roofs. Photovoltaic technological innovation has improved to the point that solar panels for your home are a lot more efficient. This means every panel can generate more electrical power than older technology panels and fewer are required to generate power for a house. Also residential solar panels don’t need much or any maintenance. Solar panels power satellites in space in extreme heat and cold and some have been operating for many years with nobody at all to maintain them.

4) There is lots of sunshine where ever you live. Okay, there are a handful of parts of the country where it can be cloudy or rainy much of the year and photo voltaic electricity may not be suitable there. But in most parts of the nation, there is adequate sunshine to make residential solar energy feasible.

5) Even while prices of photo voltaic technology are coming down, many states are still offering tax credits and tax deductions to home owners who install solar panels. With lower prices and tax rebates to boot, the selfish argument for solar panels is becoming much more powerful every day. If you’re going to live in your residence for several years, the initial cost of installing solar panels will more than pay for itself. If you plan to move in a couple of years, the asking price of a solar powered home will more than offset the initial outlay. Wouldn’t you pay much more for a home that came with no gas and electrical bills?

You can begin reaping the benefits of a solar powered home right now in the form of cost savings and in conservation of our resources. But think ahead about all electric cars. Right now you’ll find only a handful of electrically powered cars available for sale, but as engineering improves there will be more. The demand is there. Now, imagine owning an electric car that you can charge with the solar electrical power you create in your own house! Save money or save the Earth, which ever motivates you, you’ll be the winner.


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  1. Cedric Solargreen says:

    nice post.. If you decide to install solar panels on your roof, not only will you be doing your “bit” to help the environment, but because the cost of installing these products has been declining for some time, also benefit out of pocket, with the savings you will

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