Australia Solar Panel Government Rebates

October 10th, 2010

After getting a multitude of questions, concerning the Australia solar panel government rebates, we discovered the following information on the subject.  The following information is a brief synopsis of the details of the plan. The precise details can be read on our resources page. As you continue, you will discover some alternatives, which may be beneficial to those of you who are curious.

Australia Solar Panel Government Rebates are administered, through the Solar Homes and Communities Plan, for the installation of solar energy systems on homes and community use structures. Schools are no longer eligible for rebates under this program.

The Solar Homes and Communities Plan ensures that rebates get to the households that would benefit most through the introduction of specific requirements, with households with an annual gross income of less than $100,000 being eligible for the plan.

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Listed here are the initial eligibility requirements for the Australia Solar Panel Government Rebates:

* These government subsidies are available for the purchase and installation of major equipment items. Equipment must be new not second-hand.
* Rebates are for residential solar power systems that are attached to a main-grid or are in close proximity to a main-grid.
* Systems which are eligible for a rebate under the Renewable Remote Power Generation Program is ineligible for the Solar Homes and Communities Plan; applicants should consider which rebate to apply for with an accredited designer and installer.
* The individual who carries out the construction must be accredited for design and installation of solar power systems.
* Applicant’s household taxable income must be lower than $100,000.

You can immediately see, the requirements are extremely stringent and the monies provided are really minimal. Fortunately, knowing a little about the Aussie do it yourself mentality, there are very good alternatives.

We recommend that you check out the reviews that we have added to our site.  The reviews highlight the 3 absolute best diy manuals to home made solar power available today. The manuals have all the information, you should have to be able, to adequately size your system, as well as for the different types of installations, that will depend upon your individual situation. At the very least, you will learn of a quality alternative to the costly ‘contractor built’ systems.

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