Build a Home Solar Panel and Save the Planet

November 25th, 2010

The planet has gone koo-koo for cocoa puffs…wait, wrong saying – that happened 25 years ago! Today they’re actually going wild over home solar panels and the amount of money it can save you on your energy bill each month. The question people have is; “Should I buy or build a home solar panel?”


Well, you know that if you do it yourself it will cost a lot less. In fact, the savings could be somewhere between half to two-thirds of the price of retail solar panels.


This is huge, especially when you realize that home solar panels make up well over half the cost of a turnkey home solar energy system.


There are basically two ways to take advantage of solar energy; purchase ready-made photovoltaic panels, or build the solar panels yourself. I recommend the latter.


Why? Well, it’s extremely easy to build a home solar panel as long as you have the proper guidance. Not only that, it can save you a bunch more money when it comes to your initial, out of pocket investment. Knowing where to start and having the right step-by-step help is what makes the difference. If you’re willing to tackle the project, you will certainly enjoy the results.


Some people prefer to build their own solar panel without any help, which means expert guidance is even more crucial. Can you imagine trying to build panels in your garage or workshop without specifications and detailed plans?


Without a quality manual, it’s like trying to make your home solar panels in the dark. Find one that offers a comprehensive video library as well so you can actually watch everything firsthand. However, whether you need text or video, it must be detailed and complete to be worth your time and money.


Take out a pen and paper so you can write this down during your research. It’s important to make sure the guide you choose provides:


–          basic solar terminology

–          a list of all the tools needed

–          a list of all the materials needed

–          places to buy solar cells at the best prices

–          complete plans for panel construction

–          complete schematic diagrams for installation of all components

–          options for different types of solar power configurations


Listen, it’s going to be a learning experience, but learning all of this and how to tie everything together should be in the guide you select.


Let’s talk about the videos again. One thing I love about videos is it takes the guesswork out of your mental picture. If something isn’t working right you can simply go back on the video and watch it over again. So it is true: “A picture IS worth a thousand words.”


Taking advantage of free solar energy is a great way to save money. Unfortunately you will have to wait until your first energy bill after they’ve been installed to actually see the savings. It’s so good your bank account might give you a high-five!


Just as important, it will help out the environment at the same time by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Unless you’ve lived in a cave, you know that the earth’s temperature this past decade is the warmest in recorded history. That’s why it’s important for all of us to do all we can to reduce our carbon footprint.


Anyway, I’ve done tons of research on my own trying to find the best guides for building home solar panels. If you want to build a home solar panel today or soon, take a look at and see what I found. It’s going to save you a lot time so you can spend more of it getting solar power for your home.


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