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December 20th, 2010

There are several reasons why you absolutely need to know how to build solar panels at home. First, is of course, to save money. With your very own home-made solar energy, you can save hundreds of dollars every month and thousands of dollars every year. Next is you can help our environment. When you create your own solar energy, you also preserve our planet from pollution and help save it for generations to come. Also, it’s a lot of fun in building your own power systems. If you want, you can even go completely off-grid because rising energy prices will not affect you. And lastly, you will be able to make electric companies pay you instead. Here, then, are the steps to building your very own solar panel.

Number one: Find yourself a small solar panel that is 12 volts or higher. Shop at your local RV store or even a small marina, and look for a cheap one – something that costs around or even below a hundred dollars.

Number two: Find a small yet rechargeable battery that will go with your solar panel. A 12 volt lead or acid battery will do the trick. It is best to use a deep cell battery as it is built the best for constant and continuous use. Also purchase a battery box that will offer protection from the battery. This is especially necessary if you are working in a small area or have small children running around.

Number three: Purchase the other materials you need such as the DC meter, a DC input, or even an inverter. Put these materials together by attaching your meter and DC input to the top end of the battery box, and by using some insulated wire to connect the meter to the battery.

Indeed, using solar electricity for homes will help save the environment and cut power bills down. Learn how to build solar panels at home now.


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  1. Floaters says:

    Three nights ago I dreamt that this would become real… Thanks a lot for sharing!

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