Build Solar Panels At Home: How To Make A Solar Panel Easily?

December 25th, 2010

It is very simple to build solar panels at home. You can make your own solar panels very easily with very simple items. Below are various steps.

How To Make A Solar Panel Easily? – Here are 8 Simple Steps:

1. Clean the copper flashing plate thoroughly. Use a sandpaper to remove any corrosion from it. Now cut it to size of your electric burner.

2. Now turn the burner on with the copper flashing on it. Heat it for as long as 30 minutes until a layer of think and black cupric oxide is formed.

3. Now let it cool until the cupric oxide layer begins to peel.

4. To build solar panels at home you must now try to scrub the copper flashing plate gently and thoroughly under running water to remove any traces of the oxide. But you must make sure that the red cuprous oxide is not scrubbed off.

5. Now cut another piece of copper flashing in the same size. Cut the tops of a 2 liter capacity wide mouthed plastic bottle or glass jar. Use the alligator clips to attach the two panels and place them inside the jar or the bottle in such a way that they fit along the curves and not touch each other.

6. Connect the cuprous oxide plate to the negative terminal and the copper plate to the positive terminal of the meter.

7. Fill the bottle with a solution of water and salt leaving the clips dry and high.

8. Now place this panelin the sun and see the results.


Thus to build solar panels at home is not only easy but also very quick and safe.


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