Build Solar Power the Cheaper Way

October 7th, 2009

Interested to know on how to build solar power for your house for less than $400? if yes then please read on.

Honestly the only way to achieve this is to build solar power by your own. Don’t worry this is not rocket science and you don’t need an official license or college degree to do this. A basic understanding of electricity would help but it’s not necessary if you have a Good Manual.

Take me for an example, I’m an ordinary accountant from Sydney Australia and know nothing about solar power nor electricity and I managed to build solar power for my home for around $550. Some people claimed that they successfully build their own system for less than $300. I spent a bit more money because I installed more solar panels on my roof and batteries, hence producing a lot more power than what we require. If you have generated more power than you use, you can simply sell it to your power company (please check with your electricity company if you’re not in Australia)

Having a good guide or manual to build solar power is the most crucial part in the process. I reviewed two other manuals before this and I can tell you that it makes a lot of difference. I highly recommend this manual because it is simple, easy to understand and most importantly is the step by step illustrations at every stage of the book and they also offer a money back guarantee. Another thing that I like with this guide is that they also tell you where to obtain all the required parts and tools. This material is worth every cents of the money spent.

There are 3 parts of the Kit Guide:

1. Solar Power Electricity Introduction
2. Building Solar Electric Panels Instruction
3. Extra Resources in Solar Help Package

Paying electricity bill is now a history for me, and what makes it more worthwhile is that I now receive a passive income for the excess power that I don’t use. The end result is a quality powerhouse, which will generate solar power without the harm to the environment. Gotta love that!

Here I list all the advantages to build solar power by yourself:

1. Cheaper without compromising quality
2. Being Green, you are helping the earth by reducing carbon footprints
3. Goodbye to electricity bill
4. Investment/ Income
5. Increase your home value by $5,000-$10,000
6. Very little maintenance

Article: Build Solar Power the Cheaper Way


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  1. Peter Yeandle says:

    great article….I’m thinking of building my own solar power and in need of a good manual

  2. Ross says:

    nice post…will get the manual

  3. Albert says:

    Good article, good product!
    Happy new year 2011, a new spirit, new hope!

  4. Tim Kent says:

    purchased this guide and can’t wait to start on this project soon

  5. Fookie Chen says:

    Hi, love your site..please do visit my site sometimes and leave a comment. thanks

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