Building Solar Panels For Home Power ? If A 60 Year Old Can Do It Then Anyone Can!

December 21st, 2010

So you think that building solar panels for home power is difficult? Well scratch that thinking right away!

Look, I’m a 60 year man and never build a solar panel in my life! However, I have very keen interest in the subject so I decided to take action.

Now building those solar panels for home power was not easy for me initially, but the right video-based instructions came along so finally…

I was able to successfully create my first green energy system!

So if this old fellow can do it, then anyone can!

Also, you don’t need to fork out a lot of cash to make your first solar panel. I made my first panel for just 206 dollars!

Here’s what you need:

Solar cells – They can be sourced rather cheaply online.

Plywood – This will hold the cells together.

Non-reflective glass – You need it to protect the cells. It holds the whole panel in one piece as well.

UV protector – You want to coat the plywood for maximum protection from the sun.

Silicone – This is needed for sticking the cells to the plywood.

Copper wire – The cells need to be connected with one another so this is where the wire comes in!

Solder – You need this to stick the copper wire to the solar cells.

The above items didn’t burn a hole in my pocket!

To make the entire system rum seamlessly, you also need the following items. Without them, you can forget about building solar panels for home power!

Deep cycle battery – The energy generated by your solar panel will be stored in the battery.

Charge controller – It increases your battery life as it doesn’t allow your battery to be overcharged.

Inverter – Converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). AC powers your household items.

Array DC disconnect – It allows you to easily shut off the power and plays a crucial part in maintaining the entire system.

Main DC disconnect – This should be put right between the inverter and battery bank. You use it to disconnect the inverter for maintenance.

All this might seem somewhat complicated to you but really, it’s nothing!

All you need to do is seek the right video-based guidance plus manuals (manuals alone are not enough in my opinion), and you’ll realize that building solar panels for home power is really fun and quite a snap too!


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