Costing Of Solar Panels

August 30th, 2010

At some point of time you might have considered having solar panels for the obvious benefits they offered, but decided to not to go ahead, mainly due their high cost that didn’t make it a viable proposition to have them installed.

Ever wondered why are solar panels so expensive! One reason is the sudden interest of people to have solar energy panels at home. This increased demand gave a fillip to the prices. Though solar power has been here for quite sometime, it gained mainstream attention rather recently. The price of a solar panel is decided by the power it delivers.

A solar energy panel with an output of 4.5 Amp sells for about 480/ Amp. Then, you need to add the cost of accessories like meters, brackets and installation accessories worth about $100 to $200, bringing the total cost to approximately $500 for a complete panel. Further, there are not many manufacturers and suppliers, meaning there is not enough competition that keeps the cost high, allowing the producers and service providers to charge a premium.

Yet, there is a way out to have these panels at significantly reduced prices. And, that is to make these panels yourself at home at a fraction of their selling price. Anything and everything that you’ll ever need for making panels at home is readily available at hardware stores or you may like to shop the needed items online. And don’t you worry about the technicalities of the product. It’s a very simple project requiring just average skills and sometime.

And, a step-by-step video guide that will show you how to Build Your Own Solar Panel at home can be found on the following site. Click here to find out how you can save thousands by making your own solar panels and save even more off your power bills.


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