Discover How to Build Solar Panels At Home and Get Off the Grid

December 18th, 2010

Discover How to Build Solar Panels At Home with DIY Solar Panel Plans

Are you sick and tired of paying up to one whole paycheck a month to pay for your electricity bill? Would you like to put that paycheck toward something more useful, like a nice vacation or perhaps pay off that 30 year mortgage on your home twice as fast? If you are, then perhaps you should be thinking about how to build solar panels at home to chop that utility bill down to size.

The world is changing and what was the unthinkable is now not only thinkable but doable. Men and women, homes and business across powand the world are seeking for ways to reduce their dependency on the electrical power grid.

Solar electricity systems and windmills and even specially designed generators are providing reliable green energy from renewable resources. These solar powered and wind generator systems are becoming more affordable than ever. And what is more, with advanced engineering these devices can now be built in the comfort of your very own home at a fraction of the cost of manufactured products.

It is also possible to not only remove yourself from the power grid but to sell back unused power to the utility company. Now that is a hoot. This can be the case when your renewable power generators have produced more power than you can consume and it is metered back to the main power grid.

There are a lot of different plans available to convert over to renewable green energy. But the main keystone for building a solar panel system is the little solar photo voltaic cell which converts the suns energy into usable electricity. Several of these little cells are wired together to produce solar panels of varying wattage sizes.

The electricity is then sent to an inverter to convert it from DC to AC where it is then used for household chores like lights and appliances, just like when you are on the grid. To expand the usefulness of the solar panels, batteries may be added to store surplus power for use when the sun is not shining, reducing or eliminating the need to draw power back from the grid during non producing hours.

The power of not ever needing to rely on the local utility company is tremendous. It is a great feeling to know your lights are never going out again because of some utility failure. Being self sufficient is marvelous to say the least. You can now laugh at your neighbors the next time their lights go  out and they are wondering why yours are still burning away, and for free to boot.

Times are not what they use to be. The threat of ever expanding brownouts and blackouts is more real now than ever. And with new taxing proposals being cast about for use of not electrical energy but gas energy and the making of it by certain industries is sure to send the cost of electrical energy even higher.


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