DIY Solar Panel Videos

July 22nd, 2010

Building solar panels for your home is not a difficult task to do. With your basic carpentry skills, begin gathering materials that will be used for the project. If some or most materials are not available, you can buy them at any home improvement stores at a very low price.

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There are a lot of diy solar panel videos on the net that you could refer on.

Some of the materials that you might need include the following:
– 4     72×1/4×1/4 inch clear extruded acrylic bar
– adhesive glue
– silicone sealant or adhesive
– Eight ounce Rosin core solder
– ERC81S-004 40V, 5A Schottyky Barrier Diode
– .060 x .002 inch x 25 ft. solar cell PV tinned interconnection ribbon
– Monocrystalline 6 inch solar cell rated at .5VCD, 5 Amp Peak.
– four position dual row barrier strip
– sixteen #8 insulated ring tongue terminals
– twelve gauge hookup wire black insulator
– twelve gauge hookup wire red insulator
– 3x2x1 inch project enclosure box
– crimping tool
– 40 watt soldering iron
– 48x48x1/8 inch Acrylite UV stabilized transparent sheet, used in place of the glass top sheet

Although the list might seem very extensive it is important to remember that the task is do able and the end results are definitely worth it!

Solar panels can be found in almost every household nowadays. Building solar panels for your home is very easy and practical. Photovoltaic solar panels can collect solar energy for you that you can convert into electricity through inverters. This converted electricity can be used to lessen your electricity consumption and cut off your bills. Thermal solar panels on the other hand can help you save money from the expenses in buying gas or fuel. This mechanism can help you in water heating and can even keep your pool warm.

In a climate where you get a lot of steady sunlight, it is a good idea to build solar hot water heater to use that sunlight into your advantage. There are different types of thermal solar panels or solar water heaters and they may differ in degrees of difficulty to build. The batch water heater is the most common type of solar water heater and is definitely the easiest to build. Basic mechanics of a batch hot water heater includes a water tank that is placed outside or in a glass container for the sunlight to be able to heat the water inside. The best way to build a batch water heater is to paint the water tank with matte black paint for it to absorb as much sunlight as possible and then stick that water tank inside a glass box. This glass box will trap the heat of the sunlight that is not immediately absorbed by the water tank. The disadvantage in using a batch water heater is that you will need to empty the tank during the time when the weather drops below freezing point as pipes that are frozen might burst.
Remember, by building solar panels you are paving the way to a cleaner earth as well as reduced bills in the long run.


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