Free electricity generation with home solar panel

July 29th, 2011

Free electricity generation with home solar panel

Energy from wind and solar is renewable, sustainable and free to use. Homemade wind and solar electricity systems are a great alternative to fossil fuel energy.  It is part of the ecological trend and it’s getting more adepts every day as the electricity bills raise and the cost of installation of homemade energy systems is going down. Here are the most common reasons to generate electricity with home solar panel and wind turbine.

1- To reduce your fossil fuel consumption, therefore reducing your impact in the global warming effect and helping to save the planet. Producing electricity from solar and wind doesn’t generate harmful gases or wastes like fossil fuel burning. It is a green renewable solution and the technology to install homemade systems is now tested and available through DIY guides.

2- To have electricity while living completely off the grid. For remote home or chalet owners as well as RV it is the only green alternative. It is a solution many have been waiting for. The cost to build a home solar panel and wind power generator is very low if you take the time to make it yourself.

3- They complete each other making electricity available when you need it even at night or when the wind is down. Relying only on one source implies to store energy with batteries and manage carefully your consumption. Using both solar and wind power sources limits the inconvenient and maximize the efficiency of the whole system.

4- To save money on electricity bills by using a free source of energy. Once the system is up and running, your power bills will go down in a drastic way. Energy from solar and wind is available for free. The only cost is to set up a system to harness this power and convert it to electricity. The return on investment is very high because it can be built at very low cost using parts from a local hardware store and doesn’t need much maintenance. Using the best DIY guide to make your power system is of the greatest importance.

This is just an overlook of the main reasons for electricity generation with home solar panel and wind turbine. There are many more reasons including the personal challenge to build something that generate electricity for free as a hobby and concerns with renewable alternative energy.

Are you looking to build your own system? It can be a very rewarding project. Take the time to gather information and buy the best DIY guide to build home solar panel and wind turbine.


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