Generating Solar Power Electricity

July 30th, 2010

There are many ways of generating electricity for your home and solar power electricity is one of them. Those who do not know about it might not believe that it is possible to harness the rays of the run to generate current. Ask people about generation of electric power and most of them will answer that electricity is generated by a power plant. For such people electricity generation means a huge plant situated on the outskirts of the town and having tall, smoke emitting chimneys. You should know that apart from generating power using traditional fuel, there are many other means available for generating electricity. There are the hydroelectric plants that generate electricity by harnessing the power of water.

These plants can only run in places where there is a steady flow of a good volume of water, like mountains, where the ice melts and flows down at a high speed. Then there are plants that generate electricity using the flow of air. These plants again will run in areas where there are sufficient gusts of wind throughout the year. Most people should know about the nuclear power plants that generate electricity by harnessing the power of the atom. These plants cost a lot to build and their maintenance charges as well as the cost of their fuel is exorbitant. The sun shines everywhere, in the mountains, hills and plains and is available throughout the year in most places.

Solar cells harness the power of sunlight and convert it into electric power that can be used to run the electrical appliances of your home. Since sunshine is free, it does not cost the end users any money to use it as the raw material. The only investment such people have to make lies in the humble solar cell array, and they are available cheaply. Check the Internet and you will find many sites that offer solar cell kits for low prices. There are some sites that offer these kits for free and it is recommended that you avoid them. Before purchasing any such kit that converts the power of the sun into electricity, it is essential that you determine how much power you will be requiring.

The size of the kit depends on this. If required, take the help of any electrician to find out the amount of power the basic appliances in your home needs. Once this is done with, add 10% to that figure, in case you wish to add any electrical gadget in the future. Armed with this figure check out and purchase a suitable kit. All kits contain a comprehensive and illustrated manual that shows you how to assemble the panel step by step. A basic knowledge of soldering is required, since you will have to solder each individual solar module to another in order to complete the panel. Once the panel is completed and mounted on a suitable location that receives adequate sunshine, you can start generating solar power electricity for your residential needs.


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