Going Green – Homemade Solar Panels

October 22nd, 2010

Homemade solar power is becoming more and more popular these days, especially in Australia. You will not only be a convinced environmentalist by using solar energy to power up your home but you are actually saving hundreds each month. Any average person these days would like to cut off their electric bill and this can easily be done by installing a solar panel or more in your house. As long the commercial solar panels are way too expensive you would be better of building one all by yourself and this isn’t that hard as you may think.

Make your own solar power for less than $200

It’s not that expensive anymore to go green. Most people worry too much about the cost of all the components needed to build a solar energy source, in fact it’s a lot cheaper these days since the solar parts suppliers have reduced the costs of solar cells that are nearly half of the investment. It is true that a full fledged commercial system will cost you anywhere between $1,500 – $14,000, depending on its brand/manufacturer and size there are some great news that there are thousands of people that have successfully installed solar panels in their homes that have been build from components that anyone can easily find at their local hardware stores.

The main benefit of solar power is that it’s free and abundant at same time, it will never run out. Once your system is installed there is little no maintenance needed if it has been installed and secured properly. (A Solar panel’s life ranges anywhere between 20 to 40 years) Other than that, with the use of solar energy, you are not subjected to fluctuations of the prices of oil or electricity anymore. Another great thing is that in US and Australia there are certain companies that reimburse families for the excess electricity their systems generate when they are on the grid.

Installing a solar power system in your home can’t be done without a solid guide that teaches you step-by-step where to get the components at the lowest cost as well as installing the system properly. Anyone can get bits and pieces of information online but it can take ages to put them together and you might end up overwhelmed by all the information overload.


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