Going Green? – Solar Panels Explained

October 11th, 2010

What Are Solar Panels?

Solar panels are specially designed panels that absorb solar energy, which is then transformed into electricity. They are usually used as part of a solar system in homes or businesses as eco-friendly sources of energy. In essence, solar power panels, also called PV panels, are photovoltaic cells derived from silicone that efficiently “harvest” energy from the sun. The installation of solar panels in households and office buildings in many countries around the world are part of a global campaign to utilize renewable energy sources.

Solar panels are used with an inverter and a power meter. Once solar energy is collected via solar power panels, it undergoes what is known as the photovoltaic effect into DC power. The inverter collects the DC power and further transforms it into AC energy, which makes its way straight into the grid. The use of solar power requires a certain amount of investment but they can effectively diminish your electricity bills in the long run.

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Solar Energy for Businesses

Australia is one of the many nations that have a made a commitment to reduce carbon emissions in a bid to stunt the harmful effects of global warming. As one way to resolve this, small and large businesses as well as government agencies are encouraged to make use of solar electricity. Solar power is believed to be one of the most sustainable ways to promote energy efficiency, especially with the amount of sunlight in Australia.

What are Solar Rebates?

The Australian government has stipulated a special type of rebate for promoters of energy efficiency through the use of solar energy. Renewable energy certificates (REC) are traded to power companies that have been required to source a percentage of their power requirements from renewable energy sources. For a 1.5kW Solar Power System installed, these companies may get up to five times worth of RECs. The amount of certificates granted depends on the location of the business and the size of solar system installed.

Solar Panel for homes

For families or individuals who are interested in making a change, the installation of solar panels is one way to tap renewable energy resources. Depending on a household’s budget and lifestyle, there are some other energy and water saving products such as offered by Mojarra.com.au that are suitable for the home. Apart from solar systems, there are ways to generate energy efficient hot water and even equipment to harvest rainwater.

Solar Panel Installation

The prices of solar panels vary depending on the manufacturer. Prices may change constantly but anyone interested in having a solar system installed within their premises may find reports online on costs and kilowatts available from a number of producers. Usually, the panels are mounted on rooftops, some stand-alone facilities, and the top of buildings where they are most exposed to sunlight. Solar power panels do not work at night. Different types of solar panels and solar systems have different capacity and effiencies.


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