Grid Connection Solar Systems-Renewable Types of Energy

November 20th, 2010

With respect to the current economic situation in the world today families are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. For most people one of the biggest expenses that they have is the dreaded power bill most suppliers only read the meter once every 3 months and for the average family the bill could be several hundred dollars and for some could even creep into the thousands. There is a huge advancement in Australia in the use of different Renewable Types of Energy to help people try and take the pressure of the hip pocket that also has a double-edged advantage with helping to reduce the production of green house gases.

Learn how to make your own Solar Energy

More and more people are installing Grid Connection Solar Systems to the homes. A Grid Connection System is a series of Photovoltaic panels mounted on the roof of your home that is connected through an inverter and a meter to the main power grid.

These grid connection systems can be sized in one of two ways, based on your electricity used or on your available budget or if you are fortunate a combination of both. The minimum size system is 1.5 kilowatt and can go as big as your need or can afford, in fact I know of a 60-kilowatt unit that is installed on an industrial shed near where I work. Sure there is a substantial outlay of capital to start with to give you some idea a 1.5 Kilowatt installation would mean roughly an out of pocket to you of around $3000 dollars after the generous government rebate.

$3000 you might say is a lot of money and it is but if you consider the amount that your power bill is reduced each quarter it is not that bad. For a 1.5-kilowatt system it would not be too much to expect that your bill would be reduced by around $100 per quarter that would mean a saving of $400 per year. So at that rate your Grid connection System would have paid for itself in less than ten years and with bigger systems it would be much quicker. At the rate that electricity is going up I am sure the initial outlay will be well worth it.

The use of renewable types of energy are becoming nearly a way of life these days and most local councils are making it compulsory for new houses built in their shires are installing either grids connection units and or solar water heaters. As technology advances these systems will become more efficient and generate more and more electricity for the rated size, which will increase the return to you and will also become cheaper to install therefore pay themselves off much sooner.

In my opinion I think that the direction that we are heading with using Renewable Types of Energy is a great advantage to the future and we should utilize it to its potential.


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