Home Solar Panels ? Shocking Revelation Why You Should Build Solar Panels At Home

July 14th, 2010

Do you really want to know what all of the hype is about with home solar panels? Like you, I was also fascinated by all of the excitement that came along with solar panels. Here is a shocking revelation that I discovered about DIY home solar panels.

You want to know if making home solar panels are worth the effort.

I couldn’t blame you. I was in exactly your position a while back when I was seeking ways for alternative home energy.

However, I have a little surprise for you…….get this :

If built and installed correctly, Home Solar Panels could reduce your monthly energy bill by a massive 80%!

This is a great incentive for you and I since if we are looking to build and install our own home solar panels we now have a great reason to do it.

I want you to think about that – 80% saving on your monthly electric bill. How much extra money would that put back into your pocket every month and add that up over the next year or even 10 years.

It is absolutely possible for you to save lots of dollars every month by making your own solar power panel regardless of your home improvement skills and I have a shocking revelation for you.

Well, what is my shocking revelation?……. Here it is: The average cost of making home solar panels is actually under $200!

All of the parts required for a solar energy system are all available from your local hardware store.

If you wish, you may also be able to source parts slightly cheaper online to further reduce the costs.

Compare that price to what the professional installers would charge you – probably over $10,000 minimum!

Remember: Home solar panels for under $200 and an 80% reduction in your electric bill!


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