Homemade Solar Panel Instructions – Make Solar Panels For Your Own Home

September 11th, 2010

Using homemade solar panel instructions to build your own for your home is not as challenging as many people think. The entire construction process is relatively simple, and the mounting to your roof only requires one extra set of hands to help you lift it in to place. Most people are able to complete this kind of project in just a weekend if they are well prepared.

Here are some simple tips
for you to look for when getting your own homemade solar panel instructions:

Complete Materials List – Believe it or not, but many instruction guides available are only partially complete, and leave it up to you to fill in the blanks. This can lead to some serious frustration and lost time on the project. Only get complete instructions that include a comprehensive materials list so you can shop one time, and complete your solar panels with ease.

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Detailed Instructions/ Videos – I have personally found that video instructions are the most beneficial to me. Most humans are visual learners, and being able to watch video, with the complete written instruction manual as a supplement, makes a world of difference when building anything, especially solar panels for your home

Wiring Guide Included – One of the biggest stumbling blocks with solar panels comes when it is time to run the wires to get the solar energy through the converter and into your home. Most people get a little hesitant with wiring, and you can certainly hire an electrician for a small investment to do it for you. You can also use your homemade solar panel instruction kit if it contains very detailed wiring guides along with panel construction guides.

Getting started this weekend on your solar panels can have you saving money very quickly.


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