Homemade Solar Panels – A Great Opportunity!

June 28th, 2010

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Homemade solar panels are a timely product that saves you lots of money and they are good for the greening of the planet too!

In addition to that, solar panels have the potential to make you a fair bit of money.

If you are the right type you could set up a little shop and start building these panels and selling them.

Home made solar panels are in huge demand and they are NOT cheap looking, shoddy units.((The benefits to solar power are enormous.

For the handy types, homemade solar panels are the equivalent of free electricity, which is the equivalent of free money!

These solar panels are very cheap to build, which creates what I call the second giant, potential benefit.

A business opportunity.((Solar Panels are selling right now to your neighbors and saving them money in the deal.

You could provide the market with homemade solar panels that are as professionally done as the expensive store bought varity.((

So it makes sense on several levels if a few things are in place.((

One of those possibilities are city and state tax credits for energy efficiency and green living.

In the state I live in, they have tax credits that will offset the cost to purchase by 50%.((

When you put the tax benefits together with the savings you can get, the solar installation can be done so cheaply that you may be able to afford a full blown system right away.((

Or you could build and install a few panels at first until you have completely taken your home off the grid! That’s pretty good money in your pocket right there.

I have seen these do it yourself videos from Earth4Energy and it is truly remarkable how simple the building of these panels is.

Everything else associated with the system is explained so well that I believe anyone slightly handy could do this.((

With some investigation I have calculated that you could produce these solar panels at a cost with labor included and net an easy $100 per panel by selling them on Ebay.((

So there it is. A actual, green jobs, save the planet, opportunity.

And the time is right, too!((So to recap this idea, just remember that the market is absolutely huge.

All a person needs to be very competitive in this field is some standard industry knowledge.((

You either have to know where to purchase solar panels or how to make them for themselves.

Then there are the installation requirements and procedures and these seem pretty straightforward, also.

With all the talk about high energy prices green living, what could be more timely than the idea of free electricity?

It could be home made solar panels just for your house.

Or possibly you are thinking that, when you get your house done, you could offer to do it for other people.

It’s a fine idea, and this idea’s time has come.

Making homemade solar panels is an opportunity to save a lot of money by not sending checks to the electric company, doing something good for the earth, and a viable business opportunity, too.


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