Homemade Solar Panels – Facts & Myths About Homemade Solar Panels

June 6th, 2010

Do you contemplate making Homemade Solar Panels? Today, there are millions of home owners worldwide who are using solar energy to power their home appliances, heating and pumping water. Most of them are increasingly becoming 100% solar dependent, using the solar electricity generated to power their laptops, cookers, microwaves and TV’s and other home appliances. This is a major change in lifestyle that is eco-friendly and brings about lots of savings. Many myths are prevalent about solar power systems for homes that we will talk about today.

Myth 1 – Solar Power Systems for Homes are Too Expensive

Many myths have been doing rounds in the society that solar panels for homes are too expensive to pay for. Well, they are just what they are, myths. Simply make a comparison between a $200 homemade solar panel that works exactly the same way as a $2000-$3000 ready made solar panel bought from market, needless to say which one will you choose! That is just the savings on the initial costs, imagine the savings on monthly electric bills, which will be somewhere in the region of 60%-80%

Myth 2 – Solar Power Systems Can Roll Your Electric Meter Backwards

Using a residential solar power system can literally roll back your electric meter! How? Picture this… While being connected to the power grid, the excess amounts of generated electricity that your system produces will go to back to the electric lines that can be utilized by other homes, thus rolling your meter backwards. Along the way it would be a nice change to get checks from your electric service provider rather than you paying them! Otherwise, the excess electricity can be stored in batteries that can be used by you in future.

Myth 3 – Very Little Literature Is Produced On How to Build Your Own Solar Panels

To be honest it was a mystery till sometime back when solar power systems were dominated by big corporations and government organizations. Now, homemade solar experts are becoming a norm. To begin on the right footing and get a head start, you will need a good guide that shows even the minutest details about the required stuff. A good guide will show the exact steps that you need to follow for making homemade solar panels ranging from the purchase of all the raw materials (which are very much affordable and readily available at local hardware and electrical stores) to putting up a solar power system and have it up and running, generating solar power.

So if you are ready to save on your electricity bills, start looking for a good DIY guide now, set up your solar panel in half the weekend and start saving tons in no time. Try to go for one which has videos included and if they have an online forum where you can chat with other DIY enthusiasts it would be an added bonus.


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