How Is Electricity Produced Using Solar Panels Home Energy System?

October 28th, 2010

Much research is being done into the ideals of solar energy and how it can optimize daily living on our planet. Plants have the ability to covert solar light energy from the sun into fuel. This is something we humans have not yet discovered the intricacies of, yet we have discovered how it is possible to covert solar energy into electricity. “The question if often asked, “How is electricity produced using solar panels?”

The sun provides a wealth of energy and is actually capable of supplying enough power to run the whole worlds infrastructure. However we have not learned how to wield the energy of the sun in such a manner as of yet.

We have developed a method of creating solar power through things that we call solar cells. Solar cells are made of little silicone crystals which are able to store the photonic energy emitted by the sun. This photonic energy can be converted into electric current and this is done via solar panels.

Solar boards are built in factories and consist of a number of solar cells. Solar cells can hold varying capacities of energy depending on the type of crystals used. The cells used for major distribution of energy like on that of a satellite would have a larger capacity compared to that of a solar panel used to power a home.

Solar panels are generally fixed onto a weather protective board in a place that receives the most sunlight energy of the day. Small amount of solar energy are collected inside the solar cells as provided by the sun’s rays. When many solar panels are connected, they are capable of producing a decent amount of electrical power. Electric current generated from the panels can be transferred to house hold main power supply and thus give power to various electrical appliances within the home.

It is possible to recharge and store energy produced during the day through the use of a charge controller and battery system, by which one is now able to have power at night when the sun is not out to produce energy.

Our earth is extremely reliant on resources and fuels. Solar energy proves there is hope for a greener future. I have personally managed to build my own home DIY renewable energy system by following an online system which you can find out more about at my website link below.


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