How Sustainable House Day Promotes Green Living in Australia

November 9th, 2010

How Sustainable House Day Promotes Green Living in Australia

This is because the annual Sustainable House Day is observed on this day. What started out as a visionary initiative in 2001 has gained so much momentum through the years that it is now considered one of the major triumphs in behalf of environmental protection.

What is Sustainable House Day?

The Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES), a leading solar energy and green electricity proponent in Australia, established the Sustainable House Day in 2001, with the goal of transforming ordinary homes into sustainable households promoting energy efficiency and green living practices.

Build your Own Green Electricity

These sustainable households use green electricity as their primary source of energy supply, with green electricity sourced mostly from alternative energy-generation methods like solar panel installations.

Through the years the event has opened sustainable households for general viewing, educating Australians and giving them a great opportunity to adopt sustainable practices into their own homes.

Characteristics of Sustainable Households

Australians are gradually embracing sustainability and green living. It is nowhere more evident than in the transformation of residential homes into sustainable households.

Here are some of the primary qualities that make a household sustainable:

1. Use of green electricity to power gadgets and appliances in the conduct of everyday household chores.
2. Reuse and recycle products and materials for monetary savings and to lessen waste.
3. Reduce use and consumption of household items that produce high levels of carbon footprint.
4. Conserve water by storing rain water for cleaning and other use, and reducing unnecessary water usage.
5. Practice household maintenance with environmental protection in mind.

The Eco-Tourism Spirit

Sustainable House Day awakens the environmental consciousness of Australians to the idea that “going green” can actually be a living reality. Model houses that promote sustainability and green electricity use are open for viewing by the general public.
The concept of Sustainable House Day is eco-tourism at the grass-roots level. Everywhere in Australia sustainable households using green electricity and living in harmony with the Earth is showcased to visitors as interesting travel destinations. These households give people a venue to exchange information about green matters, such as renewable energy through green electricity, and other environmental concerns relevant today and in the future.

A particular and important mission of these open houses is to bring home the point that the transformation to a sustainable household is a very easy and affordable move to make. There are immensely practical and common-sense ways to live green, without necessarily straining the household budget.

Going Green One Home at Time

Sustainable House Day is made possible through the efforts of hundreds of Australian households who, through the years, have voluntarily made the move to green electricity and sustainable living.

Every year, the event’s organizers welcome more and more homes to the growing list of sustainable households across Australia. As more and more support comes from all levels of the Australian society — local and national government, private organizations, businesses, and the general public — the future is promising.

Greater investments in green electricity and sustainability efforts are turning homes into energy-efficient living units — protective of the environment today and far into the future.

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Bill Wight, CEO, Tribal Energies Research – our team is committed in exploring ways to bring green electricity to households in Australia and for the benefit of the environment. Read our blog for updates on cheap and green electricity.


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