How to Build Homemade Solar Panels

August 14th, 2010

Building homemade solar panels is not tricky, if you can follow easy plans.

If you are like me you grew up thinking that some day autos would fly and robots would be serving us in our homes. These realizations have not come into style at the writing of this article but I still remain hopeful. One futuristic technology that is being used more each day by average home owners ( and might I say even some renters ) is solar technology. I may still be dismayed that I must drive my automobile on an overcrowded road and make my personal breakfast but I’ll eventually have a say in how I power my home.

Building homemade solar panels is as simple as your standard do it yourself project. Many of us today are acquainted with the popularity of DIY warehouse stores and of course the DIY programs on television. It’s all the rage!

Saving cash on your home energy costs at a point in time when the cost of energy fluctuates seriously is a smart investment for the future. The not so far off future if you ask this writer. With a basic set of tools and materials you would get at any home improvement store you can build your own homemade solar panels. The only requirement is that you know how to follow simple instructions. I am so confident that anybody can save huge amounts of money on their home energy bills.

The best part of building your own homemade solar panels is that you can design them to fit your particular wants. If you have got a lot of roof or other leveled surface area you can make many panels and link them together. If you have limited space you can still economize by building a few little panels. As a rule the rooftop is the best place to install solar panels, as this is the area that often receives the most direct daylight. If you can not put the panels on your roof, the panels can also be placed in the yard in a spot where the daylight is not obstructed.

A beneficial tip in building homemade solar panels is to begin with a tiny solar cell. By building a tiny one first, you can familiarize yourself with the process on an easier scale and build confidence. After you build the 1st panel you can build as many as you must reach the number needed for your home. If you are prepared to take on a weekend project, you will find great rewards in doing the job yourself but just as importantly saving large quantities of cash on your energy bills.

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