How To Make A Solar Panel At Home ? Make Your Own Solar Panel And Save Lots Of Money

December 16th, 2010

How to make a solar panel for home is one question that many have found difficult to answer. Yes, one can be able to make his or her own panel at home provided you get the right resources. The best thing to do first is to buy the best solar energy kit and get your hands on a guide that can bring you best results. A little research on the types of solar systems and panels should first be carried out before you can think of building your own.

Tips on how to make a solar panel for home

There are two types of these panels which are; the normal panels and the photovoltaic panels. Normal panels are used for heating water whilst the later are used in the conversion of light energy to electrical energy. Consider the types of cells that you will need to use for your energy system. Remember that the cells are to be used according to the type of solar system installed. The method to be used in mounting the panel is important, there are two types of mounting techniques that are commonly used, these are; dual and single axis tracker. Carefully follow instructions in order to get best results, but a little knowledge of the systems will help you get best results.

How to make a solar panel for home can be best done after having understood the use of free energy systems. The DIY step by step guide for solar and wind installation will help you understand these energy systems better and hence get the best installation results.



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