How to Make Solar Panel

July 12th, 2011

There are many different types of solar panels that you can easily put together in your garage or workshop. The solar panelĀ  we are going to make in this article is one that can be fitted onto the roof of your house.

As you want to harness as much solar energy as possible it is important that your solar panels are well insulated. To achieve this we are going to use glazing on the sun-facing side of the panels and thermal insulation on the opposite side.

Furthermore, you should try to eliminate thermal bridges as much as possible.

Before we start talking about how to make solar panel you should ensure that you have a clear working space and a good manual or guide on how to make solar panel. You should also organize all the materials that we are going to need before you get started.

To make solar panel you will need safety glasses, copper sheet, garden shears, an electric drill and tap water.

Solar panels are easy to make you just need to have some time and patience.

First, use the garden shears to cut the copper sheet into two squares big enough to fit the hot plate on your oven. Then turn on your stovetop and cook the copper until it turns black.

After you have let the copper cool down completely you can carefully remove any of the loose charcoal that has formed on the sheet. Repeat the same process with the second piece of copper.

Then use some alligator clips and twine to balance both sheets of cooper on a container. Now mix three tablespoons of salt with hot water and brush the mixture onto both panels.

Finally let both panels cool down in the sun. There you have it you your very own solar panels.

Often people who want to know how to make solar panel are not aware of the difference between solar absorbersĀ  and solar collectors, the technology that heats water for the use in your household.

The absorber needs to be manufactured before you can make a solar collector.

To make an absorber you need to cut a sheet of copper or aluminium into a large rectangular or square shape. Then you need to have a tube or coil where the water can run through.

Now you can create the plate design to protect the solar collector on the outside (border). Finally, we recommend you use glass or plastic to cover the collector to protect the system from wind and rain.

We hope that with this article we were able to provide you some answers to your question how to make solar panel and most importantly get this instruction on how to make solar panel to complete the project successfully.


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