Make Your Own Solar Panel and Save Big

July 23rd, 2010

If you see how an simple and easy solar panel diagram can be used to construct a solar panel quickly and for less than $125, you’ll understand why it makes sense to switch to solar power in your house. There was a time when it was very expensive to convert a residence to solar electric power. It is still pricey if you hire a contractor to put up commercially purchased solar panels. It’s true that you can get some government rebates and tax deductions for converting to solar, but it really is much less expensive to make your own solar panel. But even if you can do it simply and cheaply by yourself, is there any compelling reason to convert to solar? Is it truly worth the bother? Well, let’s look at some facts:

1) Solar energy will save you real dollars – In one year, 2006, residential electric rates went up as much as 60% in some parts of the country. Electrical rates continue to climb while the cost of gas, oil and coal fluctuate. Sure, it is possible to buy those fluorescent light bulbs that make harsh light and turn your thermostat down to 58 degrees in the winter and up to 78 in the summer. But what if you didn’t need to pay for power ? In reality, when you generate more electrical energy than you consume, the utility company has to purchase it back from you! And look at this: Nissan has begun producing an all electric automobile, the Leaf. Other car makers have electric cars in the pipeline. How much money could you save by driving a car that uses absolutely no gas at all, only totally free electrical energy you made in your home?

2) Solar power is good for the planet – Where ever you stand on the whole global warming issue, the truth is that fossil fuels, coal, gas and oil, produce pollutants in the air. The less of these fossil fuels we use, the cleaner our air will be. Your house might not make or break the environment, but each little bit helps and when you add your house to Ed Begley, Jr.’s and several million others, it will create cleaner air for all of us.

3) Solar panels are long-lasting and effortless to maintain – Photo voltaic panels have no moving parts. They just sit there gathering sun light and converting it into electrical energy. In truth, numerous makers of photo voltaic systems give as much as a 25 year warranty. They are able to do it simply because they know the things just don’t break. Satellites in space use solar panels for electrical power for decades in extreme heat and cold. Once your solar panels are in place and working, it is possible to just about forget them.

You can see that solar panel technology has really advanced since its beginning. You can pay someone to set up solar energy in your house and it willl pay for itself eventually. Or you can assemble your own panels using an easy solar panel diagram at a fraction of the price and begin saving very quickly. It is truly very basic and you almost certainly have most of the tools you’ll need already.


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