Making solar panels at home – the basic method!

December 24th, 2010

Making solar panels at home is actually easier than you might think. For detailed instructions on constructing an extremely efficient solar panel, which can power anything, depending on it’s surface area.

The cost of commercial solar panels is becoming lower and lower, but making solar panels at home is still a lot more satisfying, and still is about 10 times cheaper than commercially available units – especially when talking about large solar panels(100 Watts and more). Probably everyone has learned the simple way to make a quick solar cell, using copper oxide. The problem is that, those solar cells are extremely inefficient, and no matter the surface area, you won’t be able to power anything with them. That’s why we need a different method, and it’s described in detail in the website above.

Using chlorophyll is probably the cheapest way to make a solar cell, and it can be really efficient. Not to mention that a 100W solar cell can cost you as little as 5 bucks. All you really need is titanium dioxide, which is extremely cheap, and some form of fruit dye, of chlorophyll, extracted from plant leaves. Using this method, making solar panels at home becomes a joke, and you can make very high efficiency panels, for next to nothing!

What the publication also discusses, is the power source – if you want to use a solar cell, to charge a battery, in order to power something when there isn’t any sunlight, you need a very simple circuit, which can be easily made.


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