Small Solar Panels for the Home

August 24th, 2010

Solar energy has been around since the planet came into being and its uses have only begun to be tapped to run not only our homes and offices but our vehicles as well. Solar energy has many advantages and should be recommended to one and all as the energy source of choice for the home. Firstly, a renewable energy source has no capacity to run out. It is also a form of clean energy and it greatly reduces on pollution. This is opposed to other forms of energy that are currently being used that focus on fossil fuels which pollute the environment, cause global warming and are not renewable.

Solar energy is an infinite source of energy and if properly tapped into it can be used to run the home in an efficient manner all year round. Small solar panels are a good solution for any home as they have the capacity to run the appliances within the home as the regular grid powered electricity does. They do not cause pollution and are cost effective. In as much as it may be expensive to install in the long run it is actually cheaper to use this type of energy as opposed to the regular grid power.

The small solar panels are capable of providing the home with electricity where the main or national grid does not have access. It is a good solution for those that live in remote or rural areas and it is reliable. These panels use both scattered and direct sunrays to generate the power and as such, the homeowner is assured of electricity even on a day when the sun may be partially hidden by clouds. With solar energy, there is the option of storing energy that is not available with the regular forms of electricity. The energy is stored in the batteries that come with the solar kit and this can be used when the regular power fails or it can be sold to the utility company. These panels work best where there is direct sunlight available daily for most if not all days of the year and they are both practical and economical. They are workable in what every region the sun is available and they can be used totally separate from the regular power sources.

Before they are installed, there must be a clear unobstructed section on the roof that allows the panel to capture the light adequately and the roof needs to be large enough to handle the panel. If there are any permits that need to be filled in or covenants that need to be met with regards to one organization or another they must be filled in before any work on the solar can begin. This is a good option for power for the home and business and there are tax incentives available both locally and from the federal government. These are an added advantage to the home that has solar energy as its main or secondary source of energy.


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