Solar Powered Air Conditioner

November 22nd, 2010

Over using Air Conditioning is not that great especially living in a country like Australia.

With Rolling blackouts in our cities are now more a common occurrence,when in a summer afternoon for example you are back from work and everyone all wants electricity at once.

In addition the Potent greenhouse gas used in a standard air-conditioner are more potent than carbon dioxide.Evenmore distressing is when we dispose of our air-conditioner there is no safe method.

That is why making a safe Solar Powered Air Conditioner is so important.

The idea is simple and clever!

Imagine an electrical compressor in a conventional air-conditioner with a solar powered air conditioner.

With No electricity , the solar power is providing the form of heat from solar water heater panels.

Imagine a system that provides Hot water All year round and heat in winter.

Ready to be installed and cheap to manufacture this will mean jobs and great export opportunities for Australia.

Using more solar powered appliances is a great way to get our electricity bill down and suits most places on this planet that are dry and hot.

Large compressors in Air conditioners require electricity.

A Solar Powered Air Conditioner replaces a large compressor with a refrigerant expander in the form of a thermal heat exchanger.

Effect is the same in refrigerant pressure but without the use of electricity to operate the compressor.Savings of up to 50% on energy bills.

The system still needs electricity to operate electrical components; however, large savings can be made by reducing the size of the compressor and expanding the gas instead.

With the addition of a solar thermal panel mounted next to the condenser, the systems visually look the same.

PV solar power systems require direct solar radiation but our Solar Powered Air conditioner relies on ambient temperature and does not have to be in direct sunlight!

Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER is the most accurate measurement of air-conditioning performance.

It is simply a ratio of the maximum thermal energy (cooling), divided by the maximum electrical energy (electricity), and required to operate the system.The average EER for solar thermal systems is 3.88 compared with the full power continuous output EER of conventional systems of around 2.4.

Relief to the electricity grid at peak usage times and savings in electricity provide a financial benefit.

As the system is economical to run it can be operated 24hrs per day.

This eliminates the inefficient operation of systems set to maximum power to quickly cool a home which has been heated all day.This also eliminates the associated peak in the electricity demand when consumers arrive home from work.

How about you?

Would you give a solar-powered air-conditioner a go?

Solar Powered Air Conditioner.

Make sense now to secure a solar powered air conditioner.


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