The Environment Friendly Solar Powered House

August 3rd, 2010

If you really care about the environment and about the future of earth, you should plan to convert your abode to a solar powered house. Take some time off and visit the power plants that provide your house with energy and see the damage they are causing to the environment of the earth. These agencies are generally powered by either fuel or coal that is used to run huge turbines that provide electricity to you and others. During the days of old, there was no other alternative to such power plants and they were necessary for supplying electricity to both residential and office buildings. Later on, with the advent of nuclear powered plants, the pressure on them eased.

However, there is no disputing the point that the majority of power plants around the globe are powered by fuel and/ or coal and they emit lots of CO2, thereby harming the environment of the earth. There is another problem with such plants. With the depleting stocks of coal and fuel, the day is not far away when these plants will have to shut down shop. Are you prepared for such an eventuality? Can you afford to stay without power for a single day? It is doubtful if anyone can stay without power for even a single day. Keeping such factors in mind, scientists have been working for many years to find out alternative means of power.

They have come up with hydroelectric power where the current is generated in the same way as with the traditional plants, only the power for turning the turbines is supplied by water. Flowing water turns paddles that in turn rotate the turbines, thus generating power. However, such plants are not powerful enough and they also need to be strategically located in able to generate electricity, hence they can be used by only a small percentage of the population of the earth. There are a few and limited power plants which run using the power of wind. The turbines of such plants are connected to huge fans that are rotated by natural gusts of wind.

Again these plants too have their limitations and they cannot generate power when there is no wind. The best option for people around the globe is harnessing the light of the sun, which is available all over the world, except in some rare cases. Solar panel kits are widely available and they are very cheap. They are in fact, so cheap, that that they pay off for themselves within a few month post installation. Constructing the panel is not a tough task too. Just follow the illustrative instructions given in the manual that accompanies the kit and you will be able to complete it within a few hours. It is high time you took care of escalating costs of energy and at the same time helped the environment by going in for a solar powered house. The amazement you’ll observe of the face of others is an added bonus.


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