The Solar Power House

August 1st, 2010

It is difficult to understand how can a person use so much of power nowadays without feeling the pinch. There are a few new residential buildings that are using much more power than the others in the neighborhood. The amazing part is that they do not receive inflated electric bills like the others in the neighborhood do. Though not many people might guess what the reason might be, in all probabilities, they are typical solar power house. Most of their electrical needs are satisfied by an array of solar panels on their rooftop. These panels made out of special photovoltaic cells trap the light energy of the sun and convert them into electric power.

During the daytime, when light is not required… the sunlight provides sufficient light… the power generated by these photovoltaic cells are stored in a lead battery. During nighttime, the battery provides the power to run most of their electric gadgets. Obviously, one needs an inverter linked to the battery to increase the 12 volts DC current to the standard 110 volts AC in order to run the household appliances. You might be surprised, but by chaining these batteries in series and using high power inverters, one can supply power to entire multistoried complexes too. In fact there are many such complexes that use power generated from the sun for their daily use.

Since the light of the sun is free, there is no recurring expense apart from maintenance of the batter… that is negligible… to run all the equipments. There are many people who do not believe or cannot believe that the light of the sun holds so much power. Such people should check out various sites on the Internet where they can find detailed reports about converting sunlight into electric power. With the increase in power costs and the rapidly depleting supply of natural fuel, it shall not be long before everyone will be forced to adapt other means to power their abodes. Such people should try to harness the free and natural light of the sun to provide them with all the power they need.

There is just an initial cost in purchasing the battery along with the solar cell kit. Once they have purchased the kit and have assembled the same, they are on their way to financial freedom. The word financial freedom is being used because of the prohibitive costs of electricity nowadays which eats up nearly 30% of an average person’s income. If you too are interested in converting your house to a solar power house, just check out the internet or visit any store that stocks solar cell kits. Spend some time in assembling and installing the kit. There are detailed and illustrated manuals included with these kits to help you out. Once you have fixed up everything in place, enjoy the financial freedom that only power derived from the sun can provide and join the elite group of people who have become self-sufficient as far as power for their abodes is concerned.


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