Top 5 Reasons To Build Your Own Solar Panels

June 26th, 2010

There are many reasons that why you should install a solar system panel in your home. The most obviously reason that would be to reduce your monthly power bills and save money. However, it is understandable if there are not many house owners actually go for it as the cost to install those panels can easily cost thousands of dollars.

That is why you should learn how to build solar panels. Here are the 5 reasons that you read through and consider the DIY option.

1. Building your own solar panels is a lot cheaper than buying a pre-made panel.

One of the biggest reasons that is why home made panels are popular among house owners is that those panels can be build with very low cost. You literally save over thousands of dollars on this matter alone.

2. Waste not, want not.

Recycle is never a bad move and it is another great way to save money. A lot of DIY solar panels can be assembled using the damaged, used or broken solar cells which you can easily salvage in the garbage or junk yard.

If those factories or big company does not appreciate those junk, we will appreciate those junk for their place.

3. You are taking the part to preserve the planet.

Do you know that solar panels only produce clean energy that will not pollute the environment? That reason alone can make you feel good about yourself since you already one of the society who taking the part to protect our planet and not to mention that you are setting a good example to the future generations.

4. Treat it as a weekend activity!

Yes, you can always treat those whole DIY projects as a weekend fun activities with your family and you will have a good time. Building your own panel can give you indefinite old-fashioned fun. Of course, it is never get old to see your friends and your neighbors look impressed and shocked every time you presented your own home made panel to them.

5. Earn some profit.

In the certain regions, you have the option to sell back the excessive energy back to the power company in the form of battery. So if your solar panels can generate a decent amount of energy and stored it in the battery, you can sell them for some nice profit.

As you can see, having a solar panel can improve your lifestyle and make you feel good in certain sense. So if you’re not affordable to have solar panels installed in your home, you should consider the DIY option.


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