Types of Renewable Energy and How I Use Them

November 25th, 2010

These days there is so much more information on Types of Renewable Energy that you would be crazy not to have a look into it. With so many company’s and households changing to solar energy systems to save money and the environment, times are a changing. With so many choices that you can have with the solar that you can change 1 thing in your home or lots. With all of these products they have 1 thing in common they are run by natural occurring sources. Everyone no matter where you are in the world you have these natural resources at their hand. Why not use these natural resources that are there every day and help the environment and your pocket.

I know for myself that it has changed our lives for the better, as we have been able to save money and use the natural resources that are around us. On our property we have a stand-alone system to run our house and we have no means of mains power at all so we rely on our system for all of our electrical supply and it works terrific for us.

We have a 1 kilowatt wind turbine that works really well as it is windy all the time here. The wind turbine is driven by the wind to turn the propellers and then the energy generated is stored into our battery banks to use at a later time.

We also have fifteen 175-watt solar panels on our shed roof to catch the solar energy. Our solar panels have sun all times of the day as we positioned them facing to the north so we can achieve the best result. The more sun they have the better it is. We can run our house with these 2 products and now we no longer have a power bill. It is that easy to do and now we are helping the environment and reducing the greenhouse gases that we put into the atmosphere.

You always here that people and the government want to help reduce the greenhouse gases and the environment and these days even the government are helping you to help the cause. You should contact your government to find out if you can get a rebate to change to a solar system that would suit your needs. I know from experience that the government from Australia help with rebates as we received a rebate on our stand-alone set up and it became more affordable for our family to do.

You can also use different Types of Renewable Energy on a much smaller scale for other things around your homes like garden lighting and small irrigation systems. These smaller systems are great if you are starting out with renewable energy as you can do it yourself and will learn how it all works before you jump into the big systems to run your homes. Camping is becoming more popular with the renewable energy craze as a lot of camp sites now will not allow generators to be run so nearly all the caravans and motor homes are fitted with solar systems to power fridges and lights and whatever the may need to run on electricity.


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