Using Climate Change To Your Advantage

November 30th, 2010

Rather than worry about climate change and the affects it could have on mankind in general and yourself in particular, how about using it to your advantage? The summer of 2009/2010 in Perth was the second hottest on record. It seems that many areas in Australia are getting hotter weather now than they did years ago, even though other countries are suffering through much colder winters than they’ve experienced for years.

If Australia’s weather is destined to be hot or hotter, you can take advantage of that by installing solar power not only for your hot water needs, but for other uses as well. You can even cook and run an air conditioner using solar power. Hot summer weather will only make solar power more efficient.

It could be that you will have more solar power than you can actually use, so you can then sell it back to the electricity commission in your area – if they have such a plan in place – and make money instead of having to spend it all the time. That is certainly using climate change to your advantage.

If you are a new home builder, the extra warmth of climate change can be used to your advantage by the way you site your home. This cannot always be done due to limitations of the block, but if you can situate your home so that the living area faces north – if you live south of the equator – then you will get lots of winter sun into your room to warm it.

In summer, the sun is higher in the sky, so it will not shine into these rooms and make them too hot. If the slope of your roof faces the north, then that is the ideal place to site solar panels as they will get the full force of the sun.


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