What You Need To Know About Solar Panels Grants

October 12th, 2010

With the increased emphasis on renewable energy many governments have established solar panels grants. The solar panels grants in most countries will often subject to change and as such you should always check with the local authority before you apply for one.

There are six countries that offer their people solar panels grants. These countries are the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, New Zealand and Australia. Each of these countries offers different solar panels grants and incentives. You will have to check regularly as they often have a limited amount for distribution each year or the grants are only offered for a certain amount of time.

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The USA offers solar panels grants both on a federal and state or local level. There are databases available for you to look at to see what grants are being offered by state and local authorities. Federal grants can also be obtained in Canada for renovations to an existing home. The provincial governments in Canada all have separate solar panels grants systems which mean that there is no set pattern for them.

For many years the United Kingdom had a grant system but this was abruptly stopped in 2007. A new scheme was put in place but only for a single year or until the allocated funds was used. The solar panels grants in India were actually created by the UN Environment Program. This system is a loan program where buyers will only have to pay 15% of the cost of solar panels up front.

Australia has more of a rebate system then a grant one. Home owners are able to get cash rebates for any grid connected or stand alone solar panels. New Zealand offers a grant on the instillation of a solar water heating system. As the country’s power is 70% renewable energy there is no incentive system.

There are many countries that offer their inhabitants solar panels grants. Some offer more than others and some offer cash rebates.

The Uk has now, from the first of April 2010, put into place a Feed In Tariff where you can get money back from the government by feeding back electricity produced from your solar panels back into the electricity grid, this combined with the Solar Panels Grants the UK is currently offering make a great reason to look into “Going Green” and investing in renewable energy from solar panels.


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