Why Use Solar Panels For Homes?

December 13th, 2010

If you’ve considered using solar panels for home but haven’t made the plunge yet, you’ve probably got a few hangups about some details such as the cost involved, whether or not it’s really all that effective and so on. So consider this article something of a gentle nudge. We hope to set a few facts straight regarding solar energy so that you can make a truly informed decision… Solar Panels WILL Pay for Themselves When you look at the cost involved, yes, it’s true that getting solar panels installed can be a bit pricey. But, you have to consider how much money they’ll save you in the long run, not to mention, how much money they can EARN you. Yes, that’s right, we said that solar energy can earn you money. You can save money because you’ll never have to pay another electricity bill again for as long as you live, so how do you earn money? Well, assuming you live in the city, that you are connected to the grid, most American states have a deal wherein the city will send you a check each month depending upon how much energy you’re putting back into the system. If you’re creating enough electricity after your own use to power another home (which isn’t too far fetched), this is like having the electric company pay YOU every month instead of the other way around. So you can take that check and put it towards payments on the solar system. It DOES Help the Environment The electricity we get from the electric company typically comes from fossil fuel powered generators. While on that train of thought, think of how much you pay each year to keep gas in your car. If everyone switched to solar power today, the demand for fossil fuel would drop, and with it, the price of gas. It May be the Best Choice for Rural Homes If you live in a beautiful country home, then you know how difficult it can be to get connected. Most rural areas don’t even have high speed internet or cable. For the money you would spend getting the electric company to come out and set you up, not to mention the monthly bill, you may as well get a small solar system set up.


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