Solar Panel Kit 500W Solar Power Generator Grid System Power 18V Home System

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Solar Panel Kit 500W Solar Power Generator Grid System Power 18V Home System

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Solar Panel Kit 500W Solar Power Generator Grid System Power 18V Home System

High-efficiency monocrystalline solar cell, covered by a layer of ETFE material, high-efficiency flexible solar energy source.

The surface of ETFE material can reflect sunlight to make each beam of light use well, maximize the performance of each cell.

Unlike traditional aluminum flexible panel frame can be bent at maximum 30 degrees and adjusts to different surface light weight

IP67 waterproof junction box and Multi-Contact4 connector, stable performance under bad weather or high temperature.

Accessories package on sale to help you use the panel, and if you order 4pcs or more, we will send you accessories package for free.

(10A controller, extension cable, parallel connection and Alligator Clip)


Maximum Power (Pmax): 250W

Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp): 18.00 V

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 20.00 V

Maximum System Voltage: DC1000V

Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT): -45 to 80 ℃

GW: 2.6 KG

Panel size: 1050 * 540 * 3mm

(Above data according to standard laboratory test environment)


 Panel Packing List

Solar Panel 250W * 1/2

Waterproof Multi-Contact4 Connector * 1/2

Packing * 1

Additional accessories

Order 1pcs = 10A controller * 1

Order 2pcs = 20A controller * 1

Order 3pcs = 30A controller * 1

Order 4 PCS and more = Accessory Pack * 1

(10A controller, extension cable, parallel connection and Alligator Clip)

Accessories package packing list

20A controller * 1

1m extension cable * 1

1m Alligator Clip Cable * 1

Multi-Contact connector4 * 1 pair

1 to 2 Multi-Contact4 connector * 1 pair

1 to 4 Multi-Contact4 connector * 1 pair


1. Do not scratch the panel surface with a sharp object. Please don’t modify the PCB circuit unless you are professional. We are not responsible for any results of this.

2. Make sure the solar panel is exposed to direct sunlight to ensure the best charging efficiency while charging. Best operating time: 9: 00-17: 00 (cloudless time)

3. Product designed to extend battery life and emergency use. Choose other more current products if you want a faster loading speed.

4. Product designed with daily waterproofing, do not expose the charger in rainy days for too long.

5. Free accessories such as controller and accessories package shipped from CN, no free accessories if you order from another warehouse.

6. Quantity order can be shipped separately, please note.

Solar Panel Kit 500W Solar Power Generator Grid System Power 18V Home System

Home Solar Panels

Energy systems that create clean and electricity that is renewable take advantage of solar panels. A lot of homes are now using solar power specifically in Ca. You can get solar panels if you want to get a continuous supply of electricity. The solar panels will then provide electricity you could use out-of-doors and indoors. The panels that are solar get in touch to your current electric wirings and so you certainly will need an electrician doing the task for you. As soon as you start making use of the solar panels, you can now enjoy electricity that is free. In many cases, property owners have the ability to enjoy 50% to 80per cent lowering of monthly electrical bills. The cost of oil is increasing yearly in addition to other commodities. It is very important to save money these times because you can’t tell if the situation that is financial continuously enhance or perhaps become worse. It is natural for individuals to save and look for less alternatives that are costly. Solar power is free when you’ve purchased the needed materials and you follow the guided instructions properly.

The sun will clearly shine within the early morning and so you can expect to generate electricity everyday. Years ago, people would not make use of solar power because the silicon systems that are high driven were too expensive. With the improvements in modern technology, solar power is now readily available at a really affordable cost. Residential houses can take advantage of these solar energy systems because electrical costs are reduced. There are solar panels for sale but are still a bit costly today. But, you can start building your own if you want to save money. The needed materials can be bought in regional hardware stores; by purchasing DIY kits, it is possible to build the panels by following the instructions carefully.

The panels are often installed on rooftops where there is certainly a lot of sunlight. You must make sure that the panels are working efficiently. You need to clean the panels and check it but all in most, the panels that are solar slight maintenance. This is actually the perfect energy solution for your home and you know very well what – the panels can serve you for about twenty years or higher when properly maintained.

The designs of solar power panels are not ugly to look at today. In fact, solar panels can now blend with your home’s design that is existing. Find the perfect ready-made panel that is solar the market or perhaps you can merely build one yourself. There are numerous reputable manufacturers it would be best to stick to established and reputable ones that you can find and. A lot of the solar panels come with 15-20 years of warranty. Isn’t that amazing deal? So if anything goes wrong, you can always use the warranty. Oftentimes, the products that come with lifetime warranty are durable and may withstand harsh climate conditions. You could start with little solar panels but purchase inverters that are big. Like that, you can expand within the future and buy panels that are additional. For those who are able to afford to fully purchase solar energy due to their homes, then why maybe not purchase the needed solar panels to enable you to now use solar energy to the fullest?

Now, you don’t need to depend completely on main-stream electrical sources. The solar panel systems can provide the needed electricity day and night no matter what the weather. Energy solar power to your homes now.

Using Home Solar Panels

The economy of your country possesses great effect on your ability or ability to pay for monthly bills like electricity. A year ago, the recession that is economic affected many countries and many homeowners were in a position to feel the impact literally. That wouldn’t love the idea to be in a position to save on your month-to-month bills that are electrical? One method to do that is by making use of solar energy for homes.

How are you going to convert your property? Well, there's absolutely no need to cut off your existing power supply. Besides, the sunlight doesn’t shine all throughout every season. That means, even when there’s no sunshine, you can still use electricity. You’re quite lucky if your destination gets a lot of sunlight generally in most months of the season. Sunlight is renewable, free, and clean. You only will collect sunshine that is raw convert it to electricity if you use solar panels. Just imagine savings about 80% on your utility bills each month. That’s already a deal that is good you will end up spending a one-time investment on the materials and installation.

So just how are you going to build the panels that are solar?

You can find lots of info sources online. By performing a quick search online, you might be in a position to get detail by detail instructions on how to produce homemade solar panels. To be able to produce an efficient solar energy system, the instructions should be clear and clear to see. Like that, you can install the operational system with ease. The instruction product should provide design diagrams, the materials that are required parts, and simple to read directions. You can join forums online that discuss about solar power because other individuals may be able to supply you with helpful information. You can find a lot of guides online but perhaps not each of them are useful. You must pick out the right guide.

Solar panels are not that expensive and you can expect to must make a substantial investment and from then on, it is possible to currently enjoy an unlimited supply of renewable and energy that is clean.

The solar panels must be put on the right spot where there is lots of sunshine. Why not put the panels that are solar your roof? You can also place the panels there if you can find unblocked space on your backyard or garden. Get the windows where there is sunlight that is direct mount the solar power panels here.

Once you have most of the materials ready, you could begin building the panels. Ready made panels cost around $3,000 or more dependent on their usage. You will find also simple DIY solar panel kits that you can produce over the week-end. The DIY kits are cheaper and with only $200, you are able to already create a simple project. Once you finish building the solar panels, install them properly. There after, you can expect to conserve a lot of money in the months that are coming years. You may expect an 80% reduction in your electricity bills monthly and as long as you have got efficient solar panels, you can benefit as a result for a number of years.

Free sunlight is widely available and if you build your solar panels if you live in a place where there is lots of sunshine, you can benefit greatly. Learn how to build one now and make an effort to prepare an adequate working budget.

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